Commercial Real Estate Lawyers - New York - Florida

Schaum Law is qualified and prepared to represent the legal requirements associated with either commercial real estate lawsuits (called litigation) or contract matters (transactional law). Our experienced commercial real estate lawyers routinely handle both types of legal issues.  We represent owners, buyers, and plaintiffs in any case involving commercial real estate law in New York and Florida.

Although any lawyer who handles business transactions may do an adequate job of protecting your interests, our lawyers routinely handle commercial real estate transactions and litigation thereby giving us an exceptional idea of how to best negotiate an agreement or any other response involving commercial real estate law.  In addition, are experienced in relevant state law and local practices.

Hiring Commercial Real Estate Law Firm Representation

We assist commercial real estate clients who are looking to bring a lawsuit against a landlord, contractor, developer, or financial institution. Our commercial real estate legal team provides the best chance the client may have for effective representation, especially if there are consumer protection statutes or truth in lending statutes involved.

Buying and selling commercial real estate property presents different challenges from buying or selling residential real estate property, especially because the parties are generally not using standard form agreements. Commercial real estate agreements and their terms vary from transaction to transaction and may be different depending on whether they're drafted by the buyer or the seller in the contractual legal matters. However, be aware that most sales involve many of the same issues.

Our professional legal advice provided to commercial real estate clients contains a high level of value when negotiating a property or settlement involving large sums of money.  It is imperative that the person brining the lawsuit against another party in a commercial real estate situation should seek the most experienced commercial real estate law firm to represent their interests.

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