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Schaum Law assists in the formation of a private medical practice, physician group, surgery center, hospital or other medical business entity is a complex process governed by both corporate and health care law.

A medical business entity, whether it is solely owned or a joint venture, may require licensing and regulation by the state, and certain types of legal entities may not be available. Our attorneys are familiar with the laws governing medical businesses and have assisted many clients in the effective formation of these entities.

Advising Clients On Medical Business Law

The administration of a medical business entity can present special challenges unique to the health care field. We are familiar with a wide range of issues relevant to medical institutions, including the following:

  • Insurance Terminology and Billing Codes
  • Laws Affecting the Sale of Medical Practices
  • Change of Control and Transition Planning
  • STARK Anti-Kickback Status
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Our guidance and recommendations for wording to be contained within legal medical business agreements protect all individuals involved in the medical practice partnership agreement.  We experienced in representing individuals who may be a party to a specific medical business agreement, as well as representing the entire firm when negotiating with a specific partner addition or departure of a medical professional regarding the medical business agreement.

We are also experienced at drafting the agreements that govern the day-to-day activities of medical practices and other medical providers, including employment agreements for doctors and nurses, which are governed by special legal standards and restrictions.

We also represent medical entities, as well as doctors and other medical professionals, in any business and professional disputes that may arise. We understand that whether you are starting a medical business practice, seeking legal medical business counsel on day-to-day operations or involved in a dispute, you need a lawyer who is familiar with your business and your profession.

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