Medical Employment Agreement Negotiation Attorney

An employment contract is custom made to fit the situation at hand and is fair to both sides. Schaum Law believes an experienced New York or Florida medical contract attorney should review the employment contract prior to its being signed and executed.

The Schaum Law attorney is experienced with physician employment contracts and can suggest helpful negotiation points and strategies. A medical contract attorney should be prepared to provide the level of assistance that fits your particular situation.

New York - Florida Legal Services for Medical Contract Agreements

A knowledgeable medical contract attorney can explain terms and the practical implications, which sometimes do not need negotiation. Other times, there may be onerous terms and/or special considerations which call for creative solutions. Our New York and Florida attorneys are experienced with physician employment contract review and are more likely able to formulate creative solutions that isacceptable to both parties of the employment agreement..

First, a physician must recognize the difference between merely understanding the words and phrases contained in a physician employment contract and understanding all of the practical implications of those same words. Second, some medical practitioners choose to negotiate the terms and conditions or revisions to the physician employment contracts directly, and then have a medical contract attorney convert them to writing of the legal document.

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