Office of Professional Discipline Investigations – OPD

Licensed professionals other than physicians can be investigated and prosecuted by the OPD. Our attorneys are very familiar with the OPD and can effectively represent our client through all of the procedures involved in defending your license.

We aggressively gather evidence on behalf of our client and anticipate moves made by the OPD throughout the course of their case. Our attorneys can also help prepare the client for investigational interviews, informal settlement conferences and hearings that may be held in the course of a case.

OPD Professional Conduct Investigations, Hearings and Appeals

Our firm represents health care providers of all specialties before the various governing bodies of Medicaid and Medicare, including audits, fraud (civil and criminal), over-utilization and sanction, and exclusion proceedings involving claims of both fiscal and quality of care issues where the availability of our physician attorneys is of substantial advantage to our clients.

We represent our professional clients before Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) authorities regarding Medicare, the NYS Department of Social Services, Medicaid, the NYS Dept. of Health's Bureau of Prescription Control, OPD, OPMC, the Department of Education Professional Licensing Divisions, various other agencies and peer review organizations.

Florida Medical Professional Conduct Defense Attorney

The Florida Department of Health, through its Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA), determines whether health care practitioners meet licensure requirements. MQA's three key business processes are licensure, enforcement and information. Contact us for specialized legal services regarding legal defense against MQA claims regarding professional conduct defense.

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