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Medical License Protection/Restoration

Schaum Law specializes in Medical License Protection Legal Services in NY & FL. 

Medical License Protection

The Schaum Law Firm is dedicated to protecting New York and Florida medical professionals who are in danger of losing their licenses. We handle cases involving a wide variety of professional licenses, including those involving physicians, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, podiatrists, mental health professionals, veterinarians, nurses and other medical professionals.

We understand that your medical license is the key to your livelihood and the future of your family. Our goal is to protect your medical license with the skill level you deserve.  We will be with you every step of the way through this difficult period.

Experienced Medical License Restoration Firm

The Medical License Defense Attorneys of Schaum Law are dedicated to providing experienced and nuanced legal representation to New York and Florida professionals who seek to restore their license.

Our Physician Medical License Attorneys have successfully represented numerous New York and Florida physicians in a variety of capacities in both disciplinary and post-disciplinary matters. We are especially qualified in handling chemical dependency and intemperate use cases, particularly as they relate to standard of care allegations, non-therapeutic prescribing, the inadequate maintenance and documentation of records, and sexual boundary violations.

Medical License Restoriation Legal Services – NY, FL

When a physician has had his/her New York State or Florida Medical License revoked, there is a specific procedure used to attempt to have the license reinstated. There are many reasons for revocation i.e., drug/alcohol issues, incompetence, sexual issues, fraud, conviction of a felony, etc. Our legal team works with clients who desire to have their license reinstated. They need to understand the procedures and legal elements that come to play during the restoration procedure.

Our experienced team of medical license restoration attorneys are prepared to assist the medical professional with any issue related to the potential revocation of a state medical license. We offer in-depth investigative services that will identify potential areas of concern as well as potentially identifying inaccurate or limited information brought about by the state licensing board.

Reinstatement & Restoration Process

Prior to restoration of the physician’s license, the State Medical Board of New York requires various conditions to be met, but not limited to the following:

  • The physician must submit an Application of Restoration. 
  • The physician shall be subject t a Psychiatric Assessment evidencing fitness to practice, including recommendation limitations and/or a treatment plan, if any. 
  • The physician shall be subject to a Board approved Practice Plan and his/her activities shall be supervised and overseen by a Monitoring Physician. 

Professional Medical Conduct Representation

The firm acts as counsel to innumerable physician practices from Suffolk County to the Albany Capitol District of New York and our office in South Florida, while actively defending physicians who face charges from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct i.e., OPMC or OPD representation in New York and Florida.

The firm counsels in all aspects of practice including shareholder/partnership agreements; Medicare and Insurance audits; all licensure issues; sales of practices; defends against retroactive reimbursement claims. The firm is recognized as a physician advocate by the principal malpractice insurance carriers in New York and Florida. Our OPMC and OPD Legal Defense teams are qualified and ready to assist you.

Office of Professional Medical Conduct – OPMC Attorney

It is always recommended to hire a legal team to assist when a medical professional becomes the subject of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) investigation. It is critical that they enlist an experienced attorney as soon as possible. New York State investigates every complaint, regardless of the case’s merit.

The OPMC investigations are thorough, and one wrong step could seriously impact the career of the person being investigated. Our firm has been assisting the medical profession with OPMC claims for over 40 years.

Experienced OPMC Defense Firm

The Board for Professional Medical Conduct has the authority to revoke, suspend, or limit a physician’s license, issue a censure and reprimand, order education and/or retraining, levy a fine, or require community service. Our professional staff reviews the complaint and thoroughly investigates the facts pertaining to the case.

 All Office of Professional Medical Conduct complaints are kept confidential. A charge of misconduct is serious and there must be sufficient evidence of a possible violation before a hearing is held. If an investigation uncovers sufficient evidence, the case is presented to an investigation committee. We help our clients respond to OPMC communications.

 Our legal staff has provided OPMC assistance to many clients who have been contacted by the state agency.  We specialize in thoroughly investigating the case being brought against the medical professional to determine the best course of action.  Our confidential approach and investigation techniques provide insight into the root or primary basis of the OPMC claim; therefore, we can develop a specific legal and logical approach to addressing the merits of the OPMC claim with the proper NYS authority.

Office of Professional Discipline Investigations – OPD

Licensed professionals other than physicians can be investigated and prosecuted by the OPD. Our attorneys are very familiar with the OPD and can effectively represent our client through all of the procedures involved in defending your license.

 We aggressively gather evidence on behalf of our client and anticipate moves made by the OPD throughout the course of their case. Our attorneys can also help prepare the client for investigational interviews, informal settlement conferences and hearings that may be held in the course of a case.

OPD Professional Conduct Investigations, Hearings + Appeals

Our firm represents health care providers of all specialties before the various governing bodies of Medicaid and Medicare, including audits, fraud (civil and criminal), over-utilization and sanction, and exclusion proceedings involving  claims of both fiscal and quality of care issues where the availability of our physician attorneys is of substantial advantage to our clients.  

We represent our professional clients before Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) authorities regarding Medicare, the NYS Department of Social Services, Medicaid, the NYS Dept. of Health’s Bureau of Prescription Control, OPD, OPMC, the Department of Education Professional Licensing Divisions, various other agencies and peer review organizations.