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Sale of Medical Practice

Schaum Law attorneys are licensed in NY & FL for medical practice valuation. 

Sale of Medical Practice

If a physician or medical practice is considering the sale or merger with another entity, attention must be paid to assessing the valuation of the practice.  

The selling practitioner or medical practice ownership must obtain a valuation of the practice to properly determine the “value to the purchaser” long before initiating the price negotiations concerning a sale of medical practice.  Retiring partners have specific rights in the sale of medical practice and valuation issues.  

This process may entail a thorough appraisal of all property, including both tangible and intangible assets.  

In addition, the laws and responsibilities applicable to the sale of a medical practice are very specific to both the seller and buyer in the transference of the confidential medical records.  

Our firm is proficient and experienced in assisting in establishing the proper valuation of a sale of medical practice.