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Office of Professional Medical Conduct

Office of Professional Medical Conduct – OPMC 

The New York State Health Department’s Office of Professional Conduct (OPMC) and the state Board of Professional Medical Conduct (board) are responsible for investigating and adjudicating complaints against physicians and physician assistants. Each year, the OPMC investigates thousands of complaints received from the public and from health care professionals and institutions. These investigations result in hundreds of physicians being disciplined by the board. 

When a medical professional becomes the subject of an OPMC investigation, it is critical that an expert health law attorney is enlisted at the onset. For decades, Schaum Law has defended physicians, from erroneous complaints to most serious offenses. 

By statute, OPMC investigates every complaint, regardless of the case’s merit, and has the authority to revoke, suspend, or limit a physician’s license, issue a censure and reprimand, order education and/or retraining, levy a fine, or require community service. The investigations are thorough, and one wrong step could seriously impact the career of the person being investigated.

Our confidential approach to investigation techniques provides us and our clients with insight into the root or primary basis of the OPMC claim; therefore, we can develop a specific legal and logical approach to addressing the merits of the OPMC claim with the proper NYS authority.

Our firm specializes in reviewing the complaint, and thoroughly investigates facts pertaining to the case being brought against the medical professional to determine the best course of action.  

A charge of misconduct is serious and there must be sufficient evidence of a possible violation before a hearing is held. If an investigation uncovers sufficient evidence, the case is presented to an investigation committee.

It would be prudent for a physician to contact our firm prior to any OPMC response.